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Bringing Immune Health to the UK with ImmiFlex

Our aim is to spread the word about healthy immune function and how to promote that goal to as many people as possible across the UK & Ireland. Informed consumers are educated consumers, and the most appropriate choices for individuals can only be made when there is an informed choice. We need to employ many strategies to convey this message, and all the strategies we use have this sole aim in mind – to inform consumers, allowing them to make the best choice for them and their families.

Reaching out

To reach as many people as we possibly can and disseminate the beta glucans story to a wide audience, over the past couple of years we have proactively been reaching out via print media, targeting popular magazines and newspapers – both regional and national – with a targeted PR campaign. You can see some of this coverage by clicking on ImmiChannels on the navigation bar, and then selecting ImmiNews on the drop down menu.

We have also used radio as an effective medium – in the early months 2011 we had over a dozen slots on local radio stations across the UK featuring Dr Hilary Jones from Daybreak, and Dr Paul Clayton – the doctors talked about the benefits of beta glucans and how they promote a healthy immune system using practical strategies based on proven science.

Beyond this, we seek to proactively educate complementary health practitioners, nutritionists and sales staff in natural product stores and selected independent pharmacies so that they can deliver the message at retail level.

Brand positioning

At Immitec UK Ltd, we’re building a strong position as the brand to trust when considering options for supplementing to support healthy immune function. This isn’t just some fancy marketing speak, it’s a fact. It’s what we do; in fact, it’s all we do!

When presenting the ImmiFlex concept to potential stockists and distributors, this is central to our pitch. But then it’s not just a pitch; it’s a statement of fact. And that’s something that impresses those we partner with; not just the fact that we specialise in immune health, but the fact that everything we do, all the supplements we develop, are based on fact, sound science, and clinical research with compelling results.

The importance of education

Another cornerstone of what we do is education – educating retailers and consumers on the benefits of an optimally functioning immune system. For without education, we would just be another beta glucan supplement getting lost in an expanding immune health category, and there’s some stiff competition from much bigger and longer established brands. But the brands we all know so well – great brands with some fine products, don’t do what we do – that is, to specialise in immune health. We like the competition and operating in a vibrant competitive market, as having so many other brands with supplements containing beta glucans, irrespective of whether it contains Wellmune or not, helps to raise the overall awareness of beta glucans as perhaps the single most important ingredient when considering healthy immune function.


Our job is to differentiate, to educate people on just what makes ImmiFlex so different, and of course, this includes the Wellmune story – the $350M worth of research and development, the 40 patents and patents pending, the clinical trials, the peer reviewed journals etc., etc. There’s so much to support the efficacy of ImmiFlex. And then there’s the fact that Immitec, ImmiFlex and Wellmune were handpicked to play a central role in the EU-funded FibeBiotics project; funding to the tune of €6M to investigate the beneficial effects of dietary fibres (beta glucans is a gluco polysaccharide, which is itself fibre), on immune health and gut health.

Taking the time and effort to educate nutritionists and those that sell directly to consumers in natural product stores, is to us, of paramount importance. Compelling facts and sound science engender confidence, and when it comes to making decisions about health, consumers want the facts and not just fancy marketing hyperbole.

Market potential

Immitec-UK-at-CAM-Expo-with-ImmiFlexThe potential market for ImmiFlex is huge, and although we’ve made a big impact in key areas of the market, large parts of it remain untapped. We supply many of the bigger retail outlets direct, and when we do, we’re able to give the hands-on support needed to really get the support a product such as ImmiFlex deserves – product training of in-store staff & nutritionists, seminars, product advice days and demos form the bedrock of this.

To help access other retail and distribution partners, as well as complementary therapists, we regularly attend trade exhibitions and open days. In 2012 & 2013 we exhibited both at the CAM Expo and at the Natural Products Expo, we will also be at the 2014 event. We have also signed-up to exhibit at The Allergy Show – a 3 day exhibition on the 4th, 5th & 6th July 2014 – the first day is trade only, followed by 2 days for consumers. Such targeted consumer shows really help to convey the ImmiFlex story, and as allergies and immune response are inextricably linked, this for us, is the perfect platform. As a side note, one of the clinical trials using Wellmune demonstrated its positive effects in hay fever sufferers, specifically from Ragweed pollen – the leading cause of seasonal allergies in North America.

Healthy distribution

To assist with the distribution throughout the UK & Ireland, we work with selected wholesalers in the natural products sector – CLF Distribution, Tree of Life and The Health Store Wholesale, and smaller specialised distributors such as Forever Young International and Global Direct Marketing. Our partners for accessing the practitioner market are European Nutripharm and The Natural Dispensary, and in Ireland, we work with New Vistas Healthcare.

Due to the strong market position of ImmiFlex, and the fact that for the majority of users the results are tangible within a very short period of time after beginning use, the retention of trade customers is high. Added to this, sales growth is helped by reputation and word of mouth.

Sports nutrition

One area of focus for UK division of Immitec, is sports nutrition. ImmiFlex is batch tested by HFL Sports Science and carries the Informed-Sport accreditation. So for professional sportspeople and athletes whose ability to perform at peak levels throughout prolonged periods of time relies in part on an optimally functioning immune system, many sports nutritionists are now coming to realise the benefits of supplementing with immune supporting nutrients. However, due to rigorous testing and anti-doping policies, sportspeople and their nutritionists need assurance that what they’re using to supplement with is not contaminated and won’t fall foul of any drug tests; Informed-Sport accreditation gives them the confidence and assurance they need.

For some time now we have been working with specialists in the sports nutrition field, and this has lead to Immitec UK sponsoring the England Rugby League Football squad with a supply of ImmiFlex in the run-up to, and for the duration of, the 2013 RFL World Cup. We are currently working on other partnerships with athletes, professional football clubs and tennis players.