Wellmune Beta Glucan Scientific Research

Wellmune® Beta Glucan is supported by $350M worth of research and development, 9 human clinical trials, countless peer-reviewed journals, and protected by 40 patents and patents pending. Wellmune is the best documented functional beta 1,3/1,6 glucan compound safe for daily intake (GRAS) to support the immune system, clinically proven to mobilize billions of innate immune cells to keep you healthy.

Key ingredient in ImmiFlex®, Wellmune® from Biothera, is extracted from a proprietary yeast strain with unique characteristics. Wellmune research published in Nature has demonstrated that molecular structure, particle size and manufacturing process is crucial for biological activity and receptor binding. Other supplements with yeast and oat beta glucans still reference research originating from Biothera’s development of the unique and patented functional ingredient Wellmune Beta Glucan. ImmiFlex immune supplements from Immitec are based on research-proven beta glucans and vitamin D3.



Wellmune Beta Glucan Research Overview

ImmiFlex Research

ImmiFlex® Helps Athletes Stay Well & Enhances Training, New Clinical Study Finds – May, 2014

Research articles

Beta Glucan Reduces Allergy Symptoms – Feb, 2013

Wellmune Beta Glucan – Clinical Research

Immune-Boosting Wellmune Beta Glucan in ImmiFlex Supports Health of Older Adults – Jun, 2014

Proof of Efficacy on key ingredient in ImmiFlex Wellmune WGP Beta Glucan – Clinical human studies overview 2014, 9 studies. – February, 2014

Biothera beta 1,3/1,6 glucan clinical research, preclinical research and baker’s yeast beta glucan analysis is the subject of peer-reviewed science and medical journal articles and presentations at scientific forums, overview. – February, 2014

Differential regulation of oxidative burst by distinct Beta-glucan-binding receptors and signaling pathways in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells – Feb, 2014

Beta-Glucan Improves Mood State in Stressed Women – Feb, 2013

Wellmune WGP Reduced in this Study Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Symptoms by 40% among Marathoners – 2013

Wellmune WGP Reduces Immune Suppression Associated with Strenuous Exercise – 2012

Wellmune WGP Reduced Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Symptoms during 90-Day Lifestyle Stress Study – 2012

Wellmune WGP Reduced Duration of Cold/Flu Symptoms in Study of 100 Medical Students – 2012

Beta Glucan supplementation, allergy symptoms, and quality of life in self-described ragweed allergy sufferers – 2012

Wellmune WGP Beta Glucan in ImmiFlex Help Reduce ‘Open Window’ Response – Jul, 2011

Biothera’s involvement in a multi-year clinical program to evaluate the efficacy of Wellmune WGP® in humans under various physical and psychological stress situations – Jun, 2010

Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan decreases upper respiratory tract infection symptoms and improves psychological wellbeing in moderate to highly-stressed subjects – January, 2010

Wellmune WGP Reduced Health Challenges in High Lifestyle Stress Subjects – 2010

Beta-glucan supplement reduces upper respiratory tract infections and improves mood state in healthy stressed subjects – 2010

Therapeutic potential of various ß -glucan sources in conjunction with anti-tumor monoclonal antibody in cancer therapy – February, 2009

Maintained Physical Health and Reduced ‘Down Time’ During 90-Day Study – 2009

Randomised Phase II clinical trials of Wellmune WGP® for immune support during cold and flu season – 2009

Wellmune WGP Reduced Fatigue and Improved Health in Marathon Runners – 2009

Effect of BETA 1, 3/1, 6 GLUCAN on upper respiratory tract infection symptoms and mood state in marathon athletes – 2009

Wildland Firefighters Reported Improved Health with Wellmune WGP – 2008

Effects of an Immunomodulating supplement on upper respiratory tract infection symptoms in wildland firefighters – May, 2008

Wellmune WGP Cold & Flu Study – 2007-2010

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The ImmiLine range of ImmiFlex supplements for the immune system is available in about 20 countries around Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Both ImmiWorld and ImmiShop (see menu) gives you an overview of the countries you can buy ImmiFlex in. Under “Partners” in the menu you find more information about some of our distribution partners and local language pages.

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