ImmiFlex Supplement Line for Optimal Immune Health



Original ImmiFlex contains 250mg of patented Wellmune® beta glucans, the same therapeutic dose used in the 9 human clinical trials conducted to date. Suitable for adults and adolescents from age 12.

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Immiflex Kids

Immiflex Kids

Demand for quality nutritional supplements for children has grown in recent years, with nurseries and schools being veritable breeding grounds for germs. ImmiFlex Kids provides children with the immune support they need in a one-a-day formula.

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In 2006 we saw the launch of the now highly lauded original ImmiFlex, and since then the range has grown to include ImmiFlex Kids, a larger 90-capsule value pack of the original ImmiFlex, and more recently, ImmiFlex Effervescent. The ImmiLine expanded further in 2013 with ImmiGreen for the Norwegian market, and new international launches such as ImmiFlex Omega 3 and ImmiFlex Healthy Snack are scheduled for 2014. Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive range of scientifically validated immune support products available worldwide. Additionally, we want to make the name ImmiFlex synonymous with people’s understanding of what defines the term ‘optimal immune support’.

Immune Supplement Comparison

An independent university study recently demonstrated that Wellmune®, the active ingredient in ImmiFlex, is significantly more effective than any other leading nutritional supplement in activating the immune system to maintain health and wellness.

Researchers at the University of Louisville measured the ability of leading immune supplements to mobilize key immune responses in a preclinical model. The study found that Wellmune® was more than twice as effective as MCG-3, AHCC, mushroom derived beta glucans and Echinacea. Doses of the supplements tested in the comparison were based on information provided by the manufacturer of each product.

ImmiLine Supplement Comparison – Active Ingredients

To bring our customers the best nature has to offer our immune systems Wellmune Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan and Vitamin D3 will always remain at the core of our fast expanding brand. Even though ImmiFlex original is a perfect match between beta glucan, a scientifically proven biological defence modifier (BDM), and Vitamin D3, known to protect against a wide range of health conditions and shown to activate the T-cells of the immune system, we at Immitec are always looking to implement the latest research on immune health in an easy to take, practical and effective immune supplement that will shield you for life.

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Consumer Safety

Nothing is more important to Immitec than the safety of our customers. Throughout the development of our brand safety has been our first priority every step of the way, which is also well reflected in our slogan: “ImmiFlex Shields You For Life”

Our first ImmiFlex product was conceived after carefully selecting the most effective, scientifically proven and safe to consume immune ingredients on a regular basis for life. Both of our key active ingredients are considered safe for daily consumption, no serious adverse effects are associated with ImmiFlex, even at high intake. Wellmune is inert, has novel food status by EFSA, GRAS (Generally recognized as safe) status with the FDA and toxic levels are not known. There are always exceptions though, those that have received a donor organ should consult their physician before using beta glucans. The donor organ could be perceived by the innate immune system as a an invader, and the organ may in theory be rejected as a consequence.

Even though Wellmune® is derived from yeast, the patented purification process it goes through eliminates the parts of the yeast cell wall such as the mannoprotein that can cause or exacerbate Candida albicans and other yeast infections, meaning that it can be used by people with candida without concern. The technique also secures over 80 percent pure and easily absorbed beta 1,3/1,6 glucan removing allergens in the process, thus making Wellmune safe for those suffering from yeast related allergies as well.

Worldwide studies on Vitamin D3 show that most people, even in tropical countries, are below the considered optimum level of what is perhaps our most important vitamin. Overdose of Vitamin D3 is possible, but also very rare and would be difficult with ImmiFlex alone. The general recommended dose of ImmiFlex (up 100 kilo of body weight, ImmiFlex Kids up to 40 kilo of body weight) to maintain health would be one capsule a day, equivalent to at least 2.5 mg of Wellmune per kilo of body weight. Recommended beneficial dose by some doctors is in more serious cases 4 capsules. Higher dosage would probably have no additional benefit, at least no study exists to prove it. Compared to recommended ImmiFlex dosage Wellmune has been well tested in several studies with far higher intake, up to 60 times recommended dose with no mentionable adverse side effects.

In rare cases Vitamin D3 is associated with side effects like high levels of calcium in the blood stream. Some people may also experience allergic reactions, and for people with rare conditions Vitamin D3 supplementation could contribute to complications. The last concern regarding Vitamin D is drug interactions with prescription drugs. It is advisable for people on medication to consult their physicians before taking any nutritional supplement. Luckily Vitamin D is one of the most well-tolerated supplements and is generally considered safe, which means that you and your family can enjoy the lifelong health benefits from our immune supplements, ImmiFlex Shields You For Life.

General recommendations for Vitamin D3 by states that high levels of Vitamin D may build up when taking 10.000 IU per day for 3 months or more, while side effects are only more likely to occur when taking 40.000 IU daily for 3 months or more. In comparison our ImmiFlex supplements contain from 10 to 25 μg (micrograms) of Vitamin D3 depending on market, which is equivalent to 400 to 1000 IU, well below upper recommended limits.

ImmiFlex Kids contains 10 μg Vitamin D3, which is 400 IU. According to supplementation with 2000 IU to children under 11 kilograms of body weight (25 lbs or less) per day for more than 3 months is too much and potentially toxic. However, following general recommendations of 2.5 mg of Wellmune per kilogram of body weight, the content of one ImmiFlex Kids capsule (100 mg Wellmune and 400 IU Vitamin D3) is enough to provide recommended Wellmune dosage over 4 days for Kids below 10 kilograms of body weight. It is completely safe to administer the whole content of the capsule in food or beverage in order to provide the full dosage of Vitamin D3.

Immitec is the Scandinavian representative for Informed-Sport and every batch of ImmiFlex is tested by HFL Sport Science Ltd and accredited by, making ImmiFlex not only safer for consumers in general, but also perfect for athletes that want high quality sport nutrition that can help them sustain peak performance throughout the year. The certification program ImmiFlex is a part of is a guarantee for athletes that ImmiFlex is 100% safe and free of contaminants that could affect drug testing. ImmiFlex products are some the few nutritional supplements for increased immunity sports people and consumers alike truly can rely on.