About Wellmune®

The key ingredient of ImmiFlex®

Besides being the principal active ingredient in ImmiFlex® and the ImmiLine Products for the immune system, Wellmune® is a unique and clinically proven beta glucan that binds to innate immune cells and supports a healthy immune function. Wellmune 1,3 / 1,6 linked beta glucans (also known as gluco polysaccharides, a type of fibre) are extracted from the cell walls of a purified, inert, and proprietary strain of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) using patented water based washing methods. The result is a scientifically proven beta glucan compound for optimal family health that does not contribute to or worsen yeast infections such as Candida albicans. Even those suffering from yeast allergies can safely use Wellmune Beta Glucan, as all the mannoproteins have been removed during the purification process. In fact, being over 80 percent pure Wellmune cannot technically be called yeast, instead it is a natural beta glucan source proven safe to consume all year round for the whole family. With clinical documentation that the ingredient supports a healthy and active lifestyle, it is no wonder that ImmiFlex has become a preferred brand for many health care professionals around the world.

Enhancing the immune system

Wellmune (previously known as Wellmune WGP) supports our first line of defence – the innate immune system, targeting and priming specific innate immunity cells to enhance the body’s defences. The ingredient has been clinically proven to safely boost these key protective cells and to promote health and wellness in a wide range of user demographics. To best document these health benefits clinical human studies have so far primarily focused on stressed individuals, athletes under intense training, individuals suffering from ragweed allergy, with more studies to come. The results of these studies have been measured in cold / flu symptomatic days, symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections, immune suppression associated with strenuous exercise, quality of life surveys, symptoms of stress and biological immune functions like cytokine response. Across this wide range of human research we see consistent and statistically significant results supporting the efficacy of Wellmune as a functional ingredient for innate immune support and a healthy way of life.

The most effective beta glucans

In the world of beta glucans, Wellmune Beta Glucan is in a very unique position due to all the resources Biothera, the biotech company that produces the immune modulating compound, has put into scientific research and development. Being the most researched of all beta glucans, most other manufacturers or producers of beta glucan supplements often “borrow” from Wellmune research to support their own health claims. However, to ensure optimal health benefit ImmiFlex could be your best choice since particle size and molecular structure is critical to receptor (Dectin-1) binding and the resulting innate immune cell response. Wellmune research published in Nature, confirms that not all beta glucans are alike. “Activation of the Innate Immune Receptor Dectin-1 upon Formation of a ‘Phagocytic Synapse’” is the name of the Nature paper that goes a long way to confirm Wellmune’s superior mode of action in the world of beta glucans.

An independent study further demonstrated that Wellmune Beta Glucan is significantly more effective than any other leading nutritional compound in activating the immune system to maintain health and wellness. Researchers at the University of Louisville measured the ability of leading immune supplements to mobilize key immune responses in a preclinical model. The study found that Wellmune in ImmiFlex was more than twice as effective as MCG-3, AHCC, mushroom derived beta glucans and Echinacea.

Beta glucan research and safety

Wellmune’s efficacy and mode of action is robustly supported by $350M of research and development, 9 human clinical trials (with more in the pipeline) and countless peer-reviewed journals. Protected by 40 patents and patents pending, with GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) certification from the FDA, it is so safe that one of the largest brands of formula milk in the US, Mead Johnson, includes Wellmune in many of their follow-on formulas. Coca Cola use it in their FUZE brand of wellness beverages. In Europe these polysaccharides have EFSA Novel Food status and Wellmune is also Halal, Kosher and non-GMO.

Wellmune Beta Glucan is exceptionally versatile, meaning that this functional ingredient can be ingested in numerous ways. However, once ingested it goes to work quickly and would normally become incorporated into innate immunity cells like neutrophils within 1 – 2 days after ingestion. There are no known drug interactions, but due to Wellmune’s superior ability in helping our immune systems to work optimally, it should not be taken by recipients of donor organs or those taking immunosuppressive medication.

Wellmune Beta Glucan is also being studied in Europe and is, together with Immitec, part of the EU funded FibeBiotics research project. The goal of the 6 million Euro international project is to study the bioactive health function of polysaccharides and generate knowledge that helps support the associated health claims. With numerous health benefits established, the FibeBiotics project aims to ensure that the food and beverages we consume daily will secure an optimal immune response. The growing elderly population, new treatment regimens and faster diagnosis, creates new needs for the future and there is less room for simple infections to occupy healthcare resources. The EU is taking this seriously by funding FibeBiotics in the hope of ensuring that effective, natural immune activating substances may be added to foods and beverages, so that whole populations collectively achieve increased immunity. Wellmune, the active ingredient in ImmiFlex, is one of the most promising ingredients in the FibeBiotics study.

Is Wellmune an immune booster?

No, Wellmune is not what is typically referred to as an “immune booster”. You may still find terms like boosting the immune system, activating non-specific (innate) immune cells, stimulating the non-specific immune system, or similar. This could happen on ImmiFlex.com or any other place you read about Wellmune in order to simplify the explanation of the immune health benefits to the general public. To the average consumer phrases like “priming innate immune cells”, “stimulating the immune function” or “immune boosters” may seem to bring about much of the same end result. But in terms of biological action “priming”, “stimulating” or “boosting” the immune system are quite different, which of the safest for long-term immune support is “priming”, the mode of action associated with beta glucans from baker’s yeast.

Supplements commonly referred to as “immune boosters” artificially stimulate the immune system, which is unnatural and may be harmful long-term. Wellmune, on the other hand initiates a natural immune response, which is likely to have evolved together with the innate immune system over millions of years, evident by the fact that beta glucan works across species. By acting as a form of “alarm signal” Wellmune primes innate immunity cells for activity and put them in a state of readiness. The primed innate immune cells are now able to navigate more quickly to the site of a foreign challenge, where they now are able to remove the health challenge more effectively.

Although having “alarmed” immune cells navigating around your body may sound, well, alarming, rest assured that an immune response is only initiated when a foreign challenge is present. Contrary to typical immune boosters, Wellmune may in fact safely be taken by individuals who suffer from autoimmune disorders such as pollen allergies. This is demonstrated in a Wellmune study on ragweed sufferers who reported to see a reduction in symptoms. Stimulating or boosting the immune system may in some cases lead to over-stimulation and provoke autoimmune related health challenges, whereas beta glucans are known immune modulators that help regulate proper immune responses.

The major part of immunity cells making up our fist line of defence has a short lifespan of only 1 – 3 days, which is why ImmiFlex is recommended on a daily and ongoing basis for optimal family health. In most studies the washout period between Wellmune and placebo is no more than a week. With the very clear difference between the groups it becomes evident why preventive supplementation is so important to keep healthy. Daily intake is also in line with how we used to consume beta glucans before they gradually disappeared from our food chain over the last 150 years or so. Learn more about this subject and the mechanism of action behind the key ingredient of ImmiFlex at ImmiTV.

Wellmune available through Immitec

Besides being the developer of the ImmiFlex® immune brand, Immitec is also Biothera’s exclusive distribution partner for Wellmune in the EU, with the exception of Italy. As a natural food and beverage ingredient, Wellmune is clinically proven to safely enhance the non-specific immune system to help keep your body healthy. Learn more about Wellmune Beta Glucan as an active ingredient in functional foods by visiting Immitec Nutrition AB on www.Immitec.com

Learn more about the ImmiFlex main ingredient in ImmiNews, on our Wellmune Research page or by visiting www.Wellmune.com