Immiflex - Distribition Partners

Welcome to a Healthy Partnership

Our goal is to establish a global network of national Sales, Marketing and Distribution partners for ImmiFlex; Distribution partners with a strong position and intricate knowledge of their local markets, and companies with a strong commitment to implement the strategies and core values of the brand. This is what we term a ‘Healthy Partnership’, and it is this business partnership with hand-selected organizations that will ensure the growth, awareness and longevity of the ImmiFlex brand.

We are fortunate to be working with a number of highly professional regional partners, whose knowledge is in turn helping to identify and support our local Sales and Marketing partners. These companies and people not only possess outstanding scientific skills, but they also have an implicit understanding of the importance of geographical and cultural variations when bringing our supplements to the market.

Our Regional Partners have a responsibility to continuously disseminate the wealth of information that supports the science behind ImmiFlex; in line with this, there is a responsibility to deliver the commercial support and nutritional/technical training to our Sales, Marketing and Distribution partners.

The immune portal is a strategic part of the support we provide for our Sales, Marketing and Distribution partners. Immitec is committed to develop this platform into a fun and interactive immune health learning tool for the ImmiFlex users, our partners and the general public. Together with our Sales, Marketing and Distribution partners we also intend to create country specific pages adapted to local markets in local language, enabling potential customers to easily obtain quality information about our ImmiFlex immune supplements and local points of purchase.