About ImmiFlex and Immitec

About ImmiFlex®

A brief history of the world’s healthiest message

immiflexThe concept behind “ImmiFlex Shields You For Life” is the history of Immitec’s passion and dedication to create the ultimate immune supplement for the whole family. ImmiFlex is all about helping as many people as possible around the world to maintain optimum health and well-being in their day-to-day lives.

Our quest to deliver the ultimate immune supplement began in 2004. We spent almost 2 years sourcing the many immune boosting ingredients the natural health industry had to offer. A major concern for us was not only the potential effectiveness of each ingredient, but also the long-term effect of continuous consumption. We wanted an ingredient that would be just as safe for the youngest in the family as it would be for the oldest; something that would shield our customers and promote a life of wellness.

It was only when we were introduced to the clinical documentation of Wellmune that we knew we had found the most effective immune activating raw material available. Thoroughly impressed with the unusually well documented and researched ingredient, we launched ImmiFlex with Wellmune Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucans in Norway in 2006. The Norwegian immune supplement became an immediate success with consumers, alternative healthcare practitioners, nutritionists and doctors. Immitec’s “immune health revolution” did not go unnoticed by the press, and through the positive feedback across different consumer demographics we soon saw the first articles showing up everywhere from the weekly press to newspapers and technical magazines.

Since 2008, ImmiFlex has been exported to a growing number of European countries. In more recent years we have also been working with distributors in new continents, and have witnessed strong growth both in the newer territories and the already established markets. The ImmiFlex range has grown during this time to satisfy the needs of a wide range of consumer demographics, each product containing the important and well-documented functional ingredient, Wellmune. Vitamin D3 has also been added for additional immune support, as well as its positive research results indicating benefits for a wide range of health conditions. It is the synergy of these ingredients, together with our strong brand and dedication to quality and consumer safety that has led media reviews across Europe to name ImmiFlex as the ultimate immune supplement.

Learn more about the ImmiFlex supplement range by visiting ImmiLine.

About Immitec

Immitec is a privately owned healthcare group established in Norway in 1997.

The importance of diet and nutrition as key determinants of health is now widely accepted and recognized amongst scientists and healthcare professionals. In this respect, Immitec has assumed the responsibility to provide science-based education alongside products with proven efficacy that may help improve the general health and wellness of the population.


immitec-logoSince its inception in 1997, the driving force behind Immitec has been our visionary chairman, Jan Oddvar Johansen. Jan Oddvar’s conviction has led to him to an admirable focus on nutrition and immunity as essential factors for good health and well-being. Jan is truly passionate about his convictions, and since this unique immune priming supplement was launched in Norway in 2006, has spread his message about how ImmiFlex “Shields You For Life”. Thanks to the wonderfully talented and knowledgeable partners who share this important vision, his message is now spreading to tens of thousands of people in all parts of the world.

Mr Johansen currently plays an integral role in several key management groups conducting research into immune function. The most important collaboration is the EU’s major international research project – FibeBiotics, which involves some of the world’s top universities and researchers on immune health. Immitec contributes to the FibeBiotics project with an in-depth knowledge about the immune activating proprietary extract from yeast – Wellmune, together with their natural immune priming supplement, ImmiFlex. Of equal importance are the sales strategies for products containing Wellmune beta glucans, for without the widespread availability of this supplement the power of the message would be lost.

Immitec is the exclusive distributor for Wellmune® in EU countries except Italy, learn more at www.immitec.com.